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Make a website with Notion, your way

From Notion page to website in 1 min

Once your Notion page is ready, pop it through our Notion website creator →  Your website goes live in about 1 min.

Fast Notion-powered websites

We take care of every technical bit that might be a headache for you. You just keep building what you want.

Works with the Notion free plan!

Want to go from Notion to website for free? That's perfectly fine with us: We have a generous free plan.

How it works: our Notion Website Builder

Create your Notion page

If you have your Notion page ready, you're set. If not, you can create an empty page (and edit it an any point in the future) or start with one of our pre-designed Notion templates. Once that's done, all you need to do is get your share URL for your Notion page.

Paste that link into

To make this easy, just copy that link into the box on Simple.Ink's site. We're constantly working to make it as simple as possible for you to launch your website. So we're hoping we'll woo you with the very short amount of time it takes to launch your Notion-powered website!

Easily Edit from Notion

That's it! After a few clicks, you're live! It takes less than a minute to launch your website, from the moment when you have your Notion page ready. From this moment onwards, you can edit your site from the Notion page, and the changes will automatically apply to your website.

See for yourself how simple it is to create your website in Notion

Check out how simple it is to use our Notion website maker.

Everything is optimized for ZERO headache

Lightning-fast loading speed helps you create lightning-fast no-code websites while you can focus on your business and not the technology

Automatic SSL, perfectly-secure websites

No need to worry about SSL or complaints from customers that your website is not secure: we're taking care of that and of security

Automatic pretty URLs automatically creates a unique, pretty URL for every page you make on Notion → Like ""

Ability to add custom domains to Notion

You can add custom domains to Notion so people can visit your website directly (looking more professional).

Curious about how your website might look?

Below are some of our beloved customers' websites built with Notion and

George Bugianishvili

Check this site out →

EigenLayer Node Operator

Check this site out →

Turn Notion into website: Start with templates

Want to save some time? Looking to make your website more complex than the usual Notion aspect? We've got you: get started with one of our stunning templates. Instructions provided inside. This way, you get to keep the flexibility and ease of Notion, when it comes to writing or styling, while getting something different than the usual UI.


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