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Limitless OS is not just another Notion template. It's a PROJECT.

I created a mini-course, built this whole website and blog, and gathered resources with one goal in mind: GIVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED for your Notion Journey.

Easy to Get OnBoard

Built on the P.A.R.A Method, everything inside the template is nicely organized in only 7 pages. Check out the template structure.

Guides & Video-Course

Inside the template, you'll have a lot of guides on how to set up the template. Also, you have a dedicated mini-course included.

Dedicated Support

With your purchase, you will also receive access to my dedicated Telegram group, where I will assist you with any questions you may have.

Value of 30+ Templates

Inside the template, you will find more than 30 features. All mini-templates are nicely organized in 8 life-hubs.

Lifetime Access & Updates

With one payment, all future mini-templates, new features, and new courses will be accessible to you.

Highly Customizable

With 4 dashboards and over 60 pre-built widgets, you can customize and use the template as you wish.

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100% Positive Feedback

There is no option for a 1, 2, 3, or even 4-star review. Either you are completely satisfied, or you get your money back!

Limitless OS Features List

With a constantly growing mini-template inventory, Limitless OS has everything that you need now or might need in the future

Life Setup

Create your Wheel of Life Identify your Core ValuesSet Your Means & End Goals Write your Vision Statement


Simple Dashboard Limitless Dashboard Create your Own DashboardMobile Dashboard

Basic Templates

Task & Project ManagerResources Manager Days/Months/Years Template Easy Tags System

Template Setup GuideHabit & Daily TrackerSleep TrackerDaily Journaling

Inside Life Hubs

Fitness & Gym TrackerMeal Planner & RecipesJob Application TrackerProfessional CRMClean CV TemplateFinancial TrackerLearning & Growth Manager VocabularyHome Maintenance & Impr.Home Inventory

Car Service & MaintenanceLove HubCRM & Birthday TrackerGift IdeasWishlist & Bucket ListTravel PlannerReading TrackerSeries/Movies TrackerVideo Games LibraryWarranties Manager

And more mini templates to come...

Be a Part of Limitless Notion

Dedicated Telegram Group

With Limitless OS 2.0, you'll receive access to the Limitless Notion Telegram Group.

Receive Priority Support

Wrapping your head around a new template can be overwhelming, and you might have a couple of questions. You will have the channel to address these to me.

Be a Part of Development:

I'm constantly working on improving this template and making it the best. Now you can come up with ideas and requests for future updates. We'll discuss and make the template better together.

Discuss Anything Notion.

As we grow as a "community," more opportunities will arise. We will share ideas, and we'll discuss different topics around Notion & Personal Growth.

Parity Purchasing Power Available


I'm using the Marketplace to offer you a safe and convenient option for your purchase.

If you live in a low-income country, you will receive special price at checkout.

Limitless OS

$49 $99

✓ Duplicable Notion Template ✓ 30+ Notion Mini-Templates ✓ 2-Hour Mini-Course ✓ Dedicated Support ✓ Lifetime Access ✓ Lifetime Updates

Limitless OS Bundle


✓ Duplicable Notion Templates ✓ Limitless OS ✓ Limitless Business OS ✓ Dedicated Support ✓ Lifetime Access ✓ Lifetime Updates

Everything You're Getting and the values, if bought separately

Create your Wheel of Life - $5 ✓ Identify your Core Values - $5 ✓ Advanced Goal Setting - $10 ✓ Write your Vision Statement - $5

✓ Fitness & Gym Tracker - $10 ✓ Meal Planner & Recipes - $5 ✓ Job Application Tracker - $5 ✓ Professional CRM - $5 ✓ Clean CV Template - $5 ✓ Financial Tracker - $10 ✓ Learning & Growth Manager - $5 ✓ Vocabulary - $5 ✓ Home Maintenance & Impr. - $5 ✓ Home Inventory - $5

✓ Simple Dashboard - $5 ✓ Limitless Dashboard - $10 ✓ Create your Own - $10 ✓ Mobile Dashboard - $5

✓ Car Service & Maintenance - $5 ✓ Love Hub - $5 ✓ CRM & Birthday Tracker - $5 ✓ Gift Ideas - $5 ✓ Wishlist & Bucket List - $5 ✓ Travel Planner - $10 ✓ Reading Tracker - $5 ✓ Series/Movies Tracker - $5 ✓ Video Games Library - $5 ✓ Warranties Manager - $5

✓ Template Setup Guide - $5 ✓ 2-Hour Mini-Course - $20 ✓ Support on Telegram - $50 ✓ Habit & Daily Tracker - $10 ✓ Sleep Tracker - $5

✓ Daily Journaling - $5 ✓ Task & Project Manager - $10 ✓ Resources Manager - $5 ✓ Days/Months/Years Template - $5 ✓ Easy Tags System - $5


Total Value: $290

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you have any issues or you are not satisfied for any reason, drop me an email at [email protected], and if I can't help you out, I'll give you a FULL REFUND!

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