This Course is complementary to my Limitless OS Notion Template. I created this course to be a great companion to my template. Showing you around and helping you to set up the template. I decided to make it publicly available so that you can get some inspiration out of it for your own Notion Journey, but if you want to get the most out of it, feel free to grab your copy of Limitless OS Notion Template.

Getting Started

The course is a little out of date. There were a lot of updates to Limitless OS, so at times, the template in the videos can seem different. I'll try to make a new, updated course as soon as I can.

In this initial video, you will get a basic introduction to Notion so you can start creating your Life Setup in the next lessons.

If you wish to master the basics of Notion, you can check the following official Notion 101 playlist on Youtube:

FYI: I rebranded Life Design OS to Limitless OS. The two are the same.

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